Real Time Instant Mailer Exchanges
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Brand New Instant Mailer Ad Exchange Script! This is a admin, member and server friendly script. This is by far the most user friendly Ad Exchange EVER! Members can sign up and message the membership as long as they have credits, members can also email everybody that joins up behind for free! We made it easy all the way around! Just a quick look and you will notice a huge difference compared to a typical ad exchange. It comes complete with the Credit Mailer, Viral Mailer, text ads, and 468x60 and 125x125 Banner Ads - So A bulk advertising option is available so your members will be able to purchase even more amazing advertising. Admin's will fall in love the site's easy to edit page's, NO HTML knowledge needed! You may ban a URL or E-mail right in the admin area. Create as many custom pages as you want right from the admin area. Email your members and give them credits for reading them. All kinds of statistics available to see how your site is doing. Add up to 20 daily links (Like a daily bonus, but they show randomly!) One click ad approval (approve all pending ads at the same time). All ads submitted are run through a frame breaker and all the images are checked for the required size so there is no need to check them manually. Complete downline builder. View inactive members with ease. Best of all, no need to make promo codes, (unless you want to give your members more) ads are added right to the members account upon verification! Members see more of your offers! Option to show up to 3 Offer's and/or 3 OTO's. Members can also buy the OTO or Offer from almost any page on the site! This script will be licensed to your domain, one single use license. If you want to make multiple site's - You will need to buy more than one copy of the script. (Ask about multiple discounts) This script will not run if you do not have a license. This will be a big benefit to all site owners using this script as there will not be thousands of sites just like yours. This script will have sample text added on the pages and needs to be changed. You will need to have a domain name and images made. Header and Footer needs to be a minimum of 932px. The rest of the images will be fine as standard size. If you need hosting, Host with us, we will give you some free hosting and teach you how to use your site correctly, as well as a FREE install. If you would like to View the Admin Side of this new script, please email me at or call anytime at 704 890 9684 anytime. At this Price I can not take payments or hold the offer, Payment must be made in full. This script is the most admin friendlyad exchange script ever! Uses Cpanel.
50MB Web-Space
Apache Web Server
PHP 5.x +
1 MySQL Database - MySQL 4.1 +
Unlimited mails per hour and day.

Also requires the creation of a Cron Job. The cron job keeps your site up to date and refreshed. It controls the time on the auctions and closes them when an auction has ended. It also automatically sends out E-Mails to users. We recommend setting this up via your hosting control panel such as Cpanel. If you host with Us, We will take care of all this for you.
Your server should also have the GD library (2.0.15 +) installed as well as either Zend (engine and optimizer) or Ioncube

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Instant Mailer Script
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$39.00 runs the Real Time Instant Mailer Ad Exchange, Members can join and send a point value mail to members. This good looking site has RECHARGE SUPER SOLOS AND SUPER MEGA ADS, ADMIN MAY USE THEM FREE. Ready for new admin. We will help you with your ad exchange.
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